The Pique Lab’s newly launched tagline “Curious Inside. Limitless Outside.” reaffirms Singapore’s leading private enrichment organisation’s commitment to nurturing every child’s curiosity, the driving force for unlocking limitless potential in the new generation.

Singapore – January 1, 2024 — The Pique Lab takes a bold leap into the new decade with the launch of its visionary rebrand, aimed at strengthening its position as Singapore’s leading private enrichment organisation.

Over the last decade, The Pique Lab has been successful in empowering more than 20,000 students to build meaningful links between different concepts in Science and Mathematics, inspiring wonder and achieving academic growth fast.

The visionary transformation encompasses a new logo, typography, colour palette and retail design, aligning the organisation’s visual identity more seamlessly with its core values.

The Pique Lab’s new logo (right) is designed to embody its core values of creativity, commitment and curiosity for the new decade ahead.

Revolutionising Education Through Creativity, Commitment And Curiosity

The Pique Lab is well-loved by its parents and students for its in-house learning materials and dedicated team of Science and Mathematics Specialists.

Since 2013, The Pique Lab has committed to transforming mundane, text-heavy learning materials that students typically use into vibrant, concise resources, shortening their learning curves and inspiring joy in learning.

Many primary and secondary school students enjoy learning with The Pique Lab’s coloured topical Science and Mathematics notes, which detail key learning points, misconceptions to avoid and motivational illustrations.

Globally, The Pique Lab champions the cause of education through its topical Science animation videos as well as Science and Mathematics question explainer videos, providing free and enjoyable learning experiences for children around the world. These in-house videos have amassed more than 1.3 million views and garnered widespread acclaim for their engaging and informative Science and Mathematics content.

The Pique Lab’s distinctive approach to teaching is also demonstrated in its Teaching Associate Programme, transforming fresh university graduates without a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) certificate into highly competent and engaging teachers with long waiting lists for their classes.

Teachers at The Pique Lab welcomed their students back to new wood-clad classrooms, exuding the warmth of a welcoming and safe learning space.

The Teaching Associate Programme’s success lies in its commitment to engaging lesson delivery. During the programme, new teachers are trained to use powerful in-class engagement methods such as analogies, anecdotes and acronyms to create fun and impactful learning experiences for students.

Renewed Commitment To Education For The New Decade

The rebranding initiative by The Pique Lab reflects a strategic commitment to meeting the needs of parents and students by consolidating the operations of its sister Mathematics brand, The Pi Lab.

Under The Pique Lab—whose name is synonymous with the first-choice Science enrichment provider in the industry—The Pique Lab seeks to strengthen its foothold within the Mathematics enrichment market in Singapore.

“When we celebrated our tenth anniversary last May, we had to ask ourselves: Who do we want to be in the next decade? One thing is certain, and it’s that our hearts haven’t changed. We want to stay committed, creative and curious, but amplified,” said Mervin Soon, Co-founder of The Pique Lab.

The Pique Lab’s tagline “Curious Inside. Limitless Outside.” is displayed on a showcase wall, reminding its students to embrace their inner curiosity and unlock new chapters of growth.

Driving The Pique Lab’s Science and Mathematics programmes is its highly-acclaimed learning methodology, the Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology. Beyond equipping students with examination-centric skillsets, it has helped many of its students develop a stronger appreciation for Science and Mathematics at work in daily life.

The playful splash of yellow on The Pique Lab’s classroom walls aims to inspire more joyful and dynamic learning in class.

“Children are born curious. They have an innate desire to learn about the world around them and discover their place in it. As educators, we have an important responsibility to nurture their curiosity and journey with them on that path of discovery and wonder,” reiterated Kenneth Mak, Co-founder of The Pique Lab.

The Pique Lab is set to continue its transformative journey, inspiring young minds and reshaping the landscape of Science and Mathematics education in Singapore and beyond.

About The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab is Singapore’s industry-leading PSLE, O Level Science & Math Tuition Centre that nurtures curious learners and critical thinkers. Since 2013, their proprietary Complete Concept Integration™ learning methodology and beautifully-illustrated, examination-centric materials have helped more than 20,000 students ace their examinations.

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